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A new intake stream at Year 5 on the Keilor Campus will commence in 2016.

Due to an increasing demand for additional places in the College, a new intake stream will see the addition of a fifth Year 5 class commencing in 2016. The new class will enable a further 26 students to enter the College and benefit from an Overnewton education.

We accept and appreciate that many members of the local community will not have placed their son or daughter on the waiting list for the Keilor Campus Middle School because it has been so difficult to gain a position in the College beyond Prep. Therefore, for two years only, a new intake class will also be opened at Year 7.

For 2016 and 2017 only, an additional intake will also occur in Year 7 on the Keilor Campus.

It is not the intention of the College to grow exponentially and the new intake will not compromise the quality of education Overnewton delivers. The College’s four school structure and small class sizes inherently ensure the needs of each individual student will continue to be catered to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange for my son or daughter to be placed on the College’s new intake lists for Year 5 and Year 7?

Our enrolment procedure is outlined below:

  •       Completion of enrolment form – this can be downloaded from the website or can be obtained by contacting the Registrar.
  •       Payment of application fee - $100 per child and non refundable
  •       A copy of your child’s birth certificate/extract or proof of permanent residency status if not an Australian Citizen.

Without the necessary information and documentation, your application cannot be processed.

On receipt of your enrolment form and application fee you will be contacted by a member of our registration team. 

We suggest that interested parents book a tour of the College prior to applying for enrolment. Please do not hesitate to contact our Registrar, Diane King on 9334 0141 should you require any further information or wish to organise a tour of the College.

What is the process once the College has received my application?

You will be contacted by one of our registration team and an interview with the Head of School will be organised.

Following this interview, you will be advised whether a place has been offered to your child. Should you accept this offer you will be asked to confirm your enrolment by paying the enrolment fee of $900. This fee is a one time payment, is non-refundable and is in addition to the annual school fees.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Registrar, Diane King on 9334 0141 should you require any further information.

What happens if I am not granted an interview initially?

Vacancies sometimes occur at a later date in which case further interviews would be organised to fill these vacancies.

Am I able to tour the College?

Overnewton College operates weekly scheduled tours at both the Keilor Campus (Thursday, 9.30am) and Taylors Lakes Campus (Wednesday, 9.30am).

In addition, School Alive Tours are held each term. These are student led tours and allow you to view the College on a normal school day. School Alive tour dates can be found on our website.

We suggest that interested parents book a tour of the College prior to applying for enrolment.

Will the new intake impact Year 5 and 7 class sizes?

There will be absolutely no impact on class sizes, which remain at 26 in the Middle School.

Will the existing College facilities cater for the new classes?

New demountable buildings will be brought onto the Keilor Campus for the start of the 2016 school year to house the new classes. These new buildings will be a temporary solution for the new classes until the construction of the new Keilor Campus Middle School planned for four years time.

The existing number of toilets and drinking taps provided on Campus is sufficient to cater for the increased numbers; however we will also be providing new toilets as part of this project.

Will additional resources be introduced to accommodate the increased student numbers?

The College has carefully considered all planning areas in its decision to increase enrolments - staffing, timetables, buses, student welfare, lockers - including already booking additional places for camps in 2016 and 2017.