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What's Needed: iPad Specifications

iPad Specifications

Students in Years 3 to 8 in will require the following as a minimum:

  • an iPad Air or iPad mini running iOS10
  • a minimum of 16GB storage
  • WiFi only

What screen size iPad does my child need?

A driving philosophy behind our Personal Learning Technology initiative is an emphasis on personalising the learning. The preferred size of the display or screen is one area for you to consider. There are three sizes available: We suggest either the iPad mini or the iPad Air. We recommend that you look at and compare these options to arrive at your decision.

How much storage (GB) does my child need?

The storage capacity is an important consideration. The options start at 16GB, which will be sufficient, and range through 32GB, 64GB, and finish at 128GB. Storage will always be limited and managing this is a life skill we want students to learn.