Middle School - Year 5 to Year 8, Keilor and Taylors Lakes

About Middle School

The Middle School guides students through early adolescence and helps them develop a sense of identity. It provides innovative, positive learning in a Christian environment.

The Overnewton Anglican Community College Middle School caters for students in Years 5 – 8 and it is a most important phase in the total development of the individual. It is staffed by experienced Middle School educators and is based on a pedagogy that is distinctly different to that of upper primary or lower secondary school levels.

The Middle School has a developmental approach to learning that is appropriate for students in the middle years of schooling. This approach centres on the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and developmental needs of early adolescents.

Middle School structure and organisation 

Middle School is a community of people working and learning together. Keilor Campus has four classes at each year level and Taylors Lakes Campus has three classes at each year level.

Our classroom teachers specialise in the needs of early adolescents. They see the child as a whole person, an individual who needs adult support and guidance during one of the most important growing stages of a person’s life. These staff help the child make the transition from early to middle adolescence as smooth as possible and at the same time help the child become a lifelong learner with strong Christian values. Chapel services and assemblies are central to Middle School life and parents are welcome to attend.

Pastoral Care 

The Middle School Pastoral Care Program enables teachers to cater for the needs of the early adolescent.  Each student belongs to a Home Group and a Home Group Teacher.  These teachers have a significant amount of contact time per week with their students, including pastoral care sessions.  

Home Group Teachers are the first point of contact between school and home.  They are responsible for the general wellbeing of the 26 students in their charge. Teachers are well informed of the individual needs of students.  They liaise with parents and other staff members to ensure that the students’ special needs are addressed. 

Student Leadership

Leadership is encouraged at all levels within the Middle School. Students have the opportunity in Year 8 to be selected in one of the following leadership roles:

  • Middle School Captains
  • Middle School Vice-Captains
  • Middle School SRC leader
  • Chapel Captain
  • House Captains
  • House Vice-Captains

Students from Years 5 to 8 also have the opportunity to be elected as Class Captains or to have a role on the Student Representative Council.