Middle School Camps

Students at Overnewton Anglican Community College undertake a Camps Program from Year 2 through to Year 9.

Middle School students get the opportunity to experience multi day camping activities. The Camps Program offers opportunities for growth and development for the students. (In Year 9 students have an elective opportunity to complete the requirements for the Duke of Edinburgh Award – Bronze level).

Each year the students build on their experiences and develop their personal and practical skills. The program encourages the students to develop an understanding of human relationships with the outdoor environment. Outdoor settings provide opportunities for students to experience an affinity with natural environments. The students experience a wide range of activities and a variety of venues where they participate in activities that offer a sense of adventure, challenge and team building, while developing leadership, initiative and problem solving skills.

Programs of learning outside of the classroom, through camping and outdoor education, provide students with some unique learning opportunities to develop many essential personal and interpersonal skills.