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The College Board

The College Board has ultimate accountability for and authority over the College; it's responsibility is to ensure the College acts with financial integrity, complies with the law and operates effectively and ethically.

The Board Members

John Durow - Chair

Paul Clements

Lawrie Drysdale

Bishop Philip Huggins

Victor Peplow

Mark Ruff

Sam Sofianos

Fonda Zahopoulos

Finance Team

  • Victor Peplow (Chair)
  • Paul Clements
  • John Durow
  • Shane Nelson
  • Anthony Newton

Capital Projects Team

  • Mark Davis
  • John Papworth
  • David Brotchie
  • Andy Matiszak
  • Fonda Zahopoulos (Chair)

Governance Team

  • Phillipa Beck
  • Leneen Forde
  • Mark Holloway
  • Sam Sofianos (Chair)