Prep them well for VCE

VCE Results

We congratulate the Class of 2016 upon their completion of a truly outstanding year.

We are extremely proud to share an overview of our VCE results for 2016 with the College community. In another year of success and academic achievement, 157 students successfully completed their VCE this year at Overnewton: 152 students choosing to sit exams and attain an ATAR score and five choosing a non-exam pathway to earning their VCE.

 Our 2016 College Dux is Natasha Anderson achieving an exceptional Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR*) of 98.85.

Runner up to the College Dux is Steven Lam who achieved an ATAR of 98.75.

  • 18 Overnewton students achieved ATARs above 90.00 (among the top 10% of all Victorian students)
  • 32% of Overnewton student achieved ATARs of 80.00 or greater (top 20%)
  • more than half of the students achieved an ATAR of 70.00 or higher
  • The Class of 2016 median (mid-point) ATAR result was 71.40.
  • In 2016, our students achieved 68 subject study scores of 40 or greater; a 30% increase from 2015.
  • Overall our ranking has improved by 43 places in 2016, continuing to place us in the top 25% of schools in the State.

18 Overnewton students achieved ATAR scores over 90.00 in 2016.  Congratulations to:  Natasha Anderson, Isobel Bowers, Jessie Cameron, Francesco Cimone, Natalie Collett, James Dance, Dinushka Gunasekara, Jiries Hijazin, Adam Iacobaccio, Marie Kantharidis, Charlotte Lake, Steven Lam, Nathan McLeod, Natasha McMahon, Aimee Morcos, Taylah Rich, Sally Tan and Shannan Welsh

As a school that continues to provide a VCE pathway for all students regardless of their academic ability, we proudly celebrate the success of all our students who have given their best effort during their time at the College to achieve personal success including: graduation, a VCE or an ATAR matching their goals and potential.

 *ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) scores are used for tertiary entrance and provide a percentile ranking for all students statewide.