Prep them well for VCE

VCE Results

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 for another terrific year.

We congratulate the Class of 2018 whose hard work and persistence have ensured that all students who completed the year have successfully attained their VCE.

Every student who attends Overnewton has the opportunity of completing their VCE regardless of their academic ability. We are proud of the achievements of each of our Year 12 students for 2018 and are delighted to know that the cohort has performed more strongly than expected based on previous years’ data for the group. This is a great indication of the value add of an Overnewton education.

We are proud of the increase in the number of students who achieved an ATAR above 90. However, equally, we are proud of the students who worked hard over the year, who may not have achieved ATAR scores of 90 but who achieved outcomes that are better than they hoped, setting them onto pathways for a bright future. We celebrate their successes too.

Congratulations to Naoki Woolcock who is dux of the year with an ATAR of 98.55. In addition to his VCE subjects, Naoki achieved High Distinctions in both semesters for his study in first year mathematics through the University of Melbourne. Naoki was the recipient of the inaugural University of Melbourne Principal’s Scholarships as well.

Congratulations also to Maddie Christou on achieving a perfect study score in Legal Studies and Georgia Cooper on achieving a 49 in Outdoor and Environmental Studies.

We were delighted to hear that Campbell Bonello has already been accepted to study musical theatre at the Victorian College of the Arts as has Chelsea Hawke been accepted into the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney. It is rare for students to be selected straight from school into either of these institutions. Therefore, their selection is a wonderful honour for two students who have provided the College with so much entertainment joy since they both commenced with us in Prep.

Additionally, Elliot Parker has been accepted into the Airforce to train to become a pilot and Lachlan Dance has been offered a position at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra. Our spirit of service continues to be strong.

99 of the 2018 Year 12 students were at Overnewton for the whole 13 years of their education. Along the way, they welcomed another 60 students at various times. The connections that have been fostered and strengthened along the way have been profound. We look forward to hearing about the wonderful things that this group will achieve as they leave us to move on to the next stages of their lives and wish them well.


*ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) scores are used for tertiary entrance and provide a percentile ranking for all students statewide.