Prep them well for VCE

Senior School - Year 10 and VCE Years 11 - 12

Overnewton encourage all students to complete their VCE

Senior Schooling is a key phase of education where students take greater responsibility for their own learning and preparing for their future. The Overnewton Anglican Community College Senior School caters for students in Years 10- 12 and it is a most important phase in the final stages of a young person’s secondary education. It is staffed by experienced Senior School educators and aims to be an environment in which students and staff work together in a relaxed and supportive learning environment, while working towards the successful completion of the VCE.

Overnewton is proud of its reputation of consistent academic success in the VCE, but we also aim to provide an environment that promotes a well-rounded education for our students, preparing them not only for VCE, but life beyond.

Senior School structure and organisation

Senior School is a community of people working and learning together.

Classroom teachers specialise in the needs of young adults. They see the student as a whole person, an individual who needs adult support and guidance during one of the most important transition stages of their life. Staff help the student make the transition from adolescence to adulthood, and life beyond the College, as smooth as possible and at the same time, help the student become a lifelong learner with strong moral values. Chapel services and assemblies are also central to Senior School life.

Senior School is a time where students develop skills, knowledge and pathways to work, and further study. Careers Program (Years 10 - 12) assists students to become self-directed, reflective and independent young adults.

All students at Overnewton can undertake VCE subjects in Years 10, 11 and 12. Facilities design and the layout of senior working areas allow for optimum interaction and learning. Students and staff work together in the Senior School to develop the skills and understanding essential for success in the VCE and beyond.

Pastoral Care Program

Our pastoral care model is horizontal with students grouped according to their year level. Students remain within the same Mentor Group while they are in Senior School, to create a sense of belonging and enable Mentors to build the rapport necessary for providing pastoral support to our students. The student’s Mentor will always be the first point of contact between parents and the College. 

Our Pastoral Care Program allows us to provide valuable skills and information to students on a variety of areas such as:
• developing time management, communication skills, resilience and study skills
• communicating daily expectations in regards to attendance, punctuality and uniform
• developing skills and knowledge in order to prevent or address specific problems, such as bullying
• tracking individual student progress
• enabling early intervention in identifying and dealing with specific needs
• celebrating student achievements and contributions
• providing guidance regarding study patterns, peer relations, post-school pathways and opportunities
• providing counselling and comfort of students dealing with anxiety, loss or disappointment
• promoting health and wellbeing
• enhancing academic care
• building relationships

The Pastoral Care Program aims to provide a sequenced curriculum from Years 10 to 12, focused on developing the whole person, with the broad objective of developing and enhancing student work ethic, behaviour, resilience, and academic results. The program of pastoral care activities will be organised by the Year Level Leaders and delivered by the mentors at various times in the school year.

Student Leadership

Leadership is encouraged at all levels within the Senior School. There are various opportunities for leadership roles in Senior School including:

  • Student Executive (Year 12 students only)
  • House Captains and House Leaders
  • Student Representative Council Leaders
  • ACS Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country Captains

Students apply for positions and may be required to take part in an interview process or a presentation to peers in order to secure these roles.

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