Prep them well for VCE

Year 9 Canteen

The canteen strives to provide a variety of affordable, nutritional food and to recognise food customs of all students and staff. Healthy lunches and snacks are important for children and help with concentration and learning. Healthy eating changes are not always easy to make and we encourage children to be involved in their own lunch preparation, and their choices about foods to include.

Lunch Orders 

A number of families rely on the canteen to provide lunches every day, while others allow lunch orders as an occasional treat. Lunch orders may be filled in by parents and sent in from home, or students can purchase directly from the canteen, making their own choices about what food and drink they will buy, and when. 
As they become older more of the responsibility for selecting food should pass over to the students.

We encourage the use of the new online system - Please click here to order online

There is one canteen at the Canowindra Campus, and one at the Yirramboi Campus. Year 10-12 students at the Yirramboi Campus have their own cafeteria.