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Junior School Co-curricular Activities: Education for the Whole Child

Students at Overnewton are offered an array of co-curricular activities. These cater to aptitude, interest and abilities of students and can, at times, act as a determining factor for the choice of future vocation. Additional co-curricular activities are a means to enhance social interactions, leadership, healthy recreation, self-discipline and self-confidence.

For Junior School students can include before school activities which are specifically designed to meet the needs of both social skills and academic skills.

As students move through the College they have opportunities to be involved in programs such as Debating, Outdoor Education, College Musicals, Environment Projects etc., beyond the regular rigor of classroom.

Sport - Activate

The Sport Program fosters teamwork through maximum participation of the students; gives opportunities to students to develop leadership skills through the captaincy of their teams; encourages students to improve individual athletic ability and fitness levels; promotes pride in themselves and their team on the sporting arena; encourages exemplary sportsmanship and behaviour that reflect the College’s values of respect, community, excellence and learning. 

The focus of sport within Prep to Year 4 is to provide a fun way for children to be physically active and to improve ability to participate in sports in a non-competitive environment. Inclusive sporting opportunities are conducted through the House program.

In Junior School, students participate in a House Junior School Activate Event. The students engage in physical activities that promote fun, positive self-esteem, working together in an environment of cooperation and developing healthy attitudes to competition. 

Year 4 students have the opportunity to trial for the Year 4-6 District Swimming team.  They also participate in the House Cross Country and Athletics Carnival. If students qualify they have the opportunity to represent the College at the district level in all three District Carnivals – swimming, athletics and cross country.

The Arts

An extensive music program is in place for students from Prep to Year 12, with expert practical tuition provided for a wide range of instruments. In Junior School, students can participate in choirs and music ensembles and learn music theory and composition.

  • Students have opportunities to participate in a range of College and community performances. These include regular Assemblies, College events, Eisteddfods and performances in the local community.
  • Students are able to prepare and sit for performance examinations including AMEB, RGT and ANZCA.

Junior School students also have the opportunity to participate in the following instrumental groups:

  • Junior Strings – Stringlings
  • Junior Choir – Years 1 - 2 (Campus based)
  • Junior Choir -  Years 3 - 4 (Campus based)

House Program

The House Program is a supportive school structure that helps build a community of carers, embracing the philosophy of Christian faith. It provides a vertical structure across all age groups where a spirit of cooperation and cross age care is fostered. Consideration has been given to the physical and emotional wellbeing and development of each student.

The Junior School House Program aims to ensure all students across Prep to Year 4 are included and valued members of their House. Opportunities to work together within their Junior School community, through active participation and positive varied experiences that reflect Overnewton’s values of Respect, Community, Excellence and Learning is provided for students. The focus of House activities is to interact beyond ‘me’ to ‘we’.