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Junior School Religious and Values Education (RaVE)

Religious and Values Education: An Embedded Aspect of Life in the School

Whilst specific lessons are designated to the development of faith, understanding of the Anglican Church and knowledge of Christian beliefs and values, these same beliefs and values are integrated into all facets of the school.

The Religion and Values Education program (RaVE) enables students to explore the notion of God and what it is to be a person of faith. Students are encouraged to develop positive understandings of Christian values and teachings, which are represented in our College Values: Community, Respect, Learning and Excellence.

Religion and Values Education (RaVE)

The RaVE curriculum incorporates studies in the following 5 strands:

  • Textual Strand
  • World Religions Strand (Introduced in Middle School)
  • Philosophy of Religion Strand
  • Values and Ethics Strand
  • Affective Strand – Stillness and Silence

The School has also adopted the Victorian Government’s Resilience Rights & Respectful Relationships © education program into the curriculum at all year levels, and this can be observed through activities and language introduced in RaVE classes, and also incorporated throughout the school.