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Junior School Uniform

College Blazers

Blazers must be worn from home into the Student School Precinct (Junior, Middle and Senior School) whether arriving at the school by car, bus or on foot. The same applies when leaving school at any time of the day. Blazers are required to be worn at all official College functions. During Terms 1 and 4, on days where the forecast temperature is 30ºC or above, or if deemed appropriate by the Head of Campus or Head of School, students are not required to wear their blazers.

OACC Junior School Summer UniformJunior School Summer Uniform – Terms 1 & 4

Summer Dress: Knee-length College design; worn with white ankle-length socks.

Optional Shorts or Trousers: College design grey shorts or grey long trousers; worn with College design grey socks.

Summer Shirt: College design blue open-necked summer shirt, with the College logo on the pocket. 

Sunglasses: Cancer Council; glare foil with strap.

Optional Jumper: College design jumper is available to wear with the uniform

OACC Junior School Winter UniformJunior School Winter Uniform – Terms 2 & 3

Winter Tunic: Knee-length College design; worn with College navy tights or College navy knee-length socks.

Winter Skirt: Knee length College design skirt worn with College winter shirt and College navy tights or College navy knee-length socks.

Shorts or Trousers: College design grey shorts or grey long trousers; worn with College design grey socks.

Winter Shirt: College design blue long or short sleeve closed collar shirt tucked in.

Optional Jumper: College design jumper is available to wear with the winter uniform.

Tie: College design tie must be worn with winter uniform.

Scarves: A navy coloured scarf with the College logo can be worn around the neck during winter months. 

OACC Junior School Sports Uniform Junior School Sports Uniform 

The College Sports uniform is only worn on days when students have timetabled Physical Education classes, Interschool Sports or other organised school activities requiring this uniform.

Sports Polo Shirt: College design blue polo incorporating House colour.

Sports Shorts: Blue College design shorts. Note: The length of shorts must not be altered to make them inappropriately shorter. The length will be deemed appropriate by the Head of School.

Sports Socks: College design white ankle or crew length socks.

College Rugby Top: Blue College design top.

College Track Suit: College design blue top and pants.

Sports Bag: College design sports bag. Sports Shoes.

Sports Shoes: Sports lace-up shoes are to be worn with the sports uniform. These must provide support and have adequate sole grip for a variety of activities on a range of surfaces. Street/Skate shoes are not permitted. Non-lace up options may be used for Prep - Year 2 students as long as they provide adequate support and grip during activities.

General Uniform Information

Shoes Black: Leather lace-up ‘school shoes’ are the required footwear for all year levels. Shoes must be kept clean and polished. The College Shop does not sell shoes.
Hats: Bucket and legionnaires style. Only College designs are acceptable. A no-hat, no-play rule applies to all students in Prep to Year 9 during recess and lunchtime in Terms 1 and 4.  
Skirts and Shorts: Skirts and shorts need to extend to the knee, if these are deemed too short, students will be required to have them lengthened.
Undergarments: Plain light coloured T-shirts may be worn as undergarments for additional warmth but they must not be visible. Long-sleeve T-shirts are not to be worn with summer shirts or sports polo shirts nor should T-shirts or singlets with bold patterns, graphics or text that can be seen through College shirts. 
School Bags: Only College school bags, College backpacks and College sports bags may be brought onto the Campus. College bags are chiropractic approved. Exceptions apply for computer bags or cases required for specialist sporting equipment (such as tennis racquets), camps or musical instruments. Incorrect bags will be confiscated and a plastic bag provided for their contents.
Jewellery: Only one, small, plain ear stud or sleeper (no stones), may be worn through each earlobe only; no other parts of the ear. A small cross on a chain may be worn. Watches are optional. No other jewellery, piercings or adornments may be worn. 
Hair: Must be of a conservative, non-extreme style and natural in colour (no spots or stripes, shaved lines or patterns). Hair must be kept clean, neat and tidy at all times. Collar length or longer hair should be completely tied back and hair accessories must be navy blue. No other shades or colours are permitted. 
Make-up & Nail Polish: Make-up and nail polish are not to be worn at any time. A light foundation may be acceptable and is up to the College’s discretion. 
Facial Hair: All students must be clean-shaven at all times. 
Bicycle Helmets: Bicycle helmets are compulsory and must be worn if bicycle or scooter is ridden to or from school. Bicycles and scooters should be walked, not ridden on school grounds. 

College Uniform Policy Brochure