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Junior School Visual Arts

Visual Arts:  Explores Creative Expression, Art Appreciation and Traditions 

In Junior School Art, students make and respond to visual arts works independently, with their peers and their teachers. Students make visual art works relate to interest, which often reflecting families, communities and events which occur in their lives. They use a range of materials, media and technologies to create visual art pieces in a range of forms including drawings, paintings, printmaking, sculptures, photography and multimedia.

Students respond to their own and their peers’ work and discuss associations with their own experience and the effects of the pieces.

Students view and respond to Australian and international visual art including relevant pieces from the traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and contemporary works that represent the diversity within these cultural groups.

Students also engage with works from visual arts traditions across various parts of the world including the Asia region. They explore visual arts practices associated with the works they study respectfully, acknowledging protocols and conventions relevant to each.


Last update June 30, 2017