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Notebook Program

Notebook Program – Year 9 to Year 12

 Overnewton College has a proud reputation for integrating technology into learning in a purposeful and meaningful way. At the beginning of Year 9 the College issues each student a College supplied device (currently a MacBook Air) at no additional cost, and a replacement device is issued two years later (subject to program modification).

The 1:1 Student Notebook Program is an important element in individualising learning. A 1:1 notebook program provides students with a personal, portable computer to enhance the opportunities for learning even further. It has also been found to extend formal learning communities to include parents, siblings and other people important in students’ lives. Students can extend their learning beyond the classroom by harnessing a digital world full of online and digital opportunities. Teachers can provide access to resources outside class time and incorporate engaging digital activities for their students. Notebooks are being used in ways that deepen the understanding of concepts and advance knowledge of how to use digitally rich ICT environments. Students also gain technical skills and competencies so important for the jobs of tomorrow.

Computing technology is a tool that enhances pedagogy, facilitates the creation and sharing of knowledge and enables differentiation in learning. Our teachers use information and communication technologies in the classroom in an educationally purposeful way to reinforce the curriculum, when appropriate.

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