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Learning Technologies: Overview

Overview of Learning Technologies

Ensuring a balance of technology in the classroom is key to providing students with a well-rounded learning experience. All students from Prep to Year 12 will participate in activities that assist in the development of their ability to:

  • use 21st-century technologies to enable information access and management, information creation and presentation, problem-solving, decision making, and creative expression
  • express ideas, communicate and collaborate with others using technologies
  • develop the confidence to explore, adapt and shape technological understandings and skills in response to challenges now and in the future
  • use technology to augment their learning and make it immersive and interactive 

iPad Use – Prep to Year 2

 In the years Prep to 2, students have access to College iPads to enhance teaching and learning activities where appropriate.

 The Victorian Department of Education and Training highlights a number of ways that digital technologies can be utilised in the classroom, including:

  • Using it to collaborate with other schools and students around the world, and enabling participation in online communicates.
  • Promoting learning through game-based activities.
  • Allowing students to gain practical experience.
  • Enabling learning through augmented and virtual reality.1

 iPad Program – Year 3 to Year 8

 iPads are the 1:1 Personal Learning Technology tools for our Years 3 to 8 students. With the ability to personalise their devices by accessing relevant apps, students are able to own their learning experience.

 1:1 personalised technology in the form of iPads empowers our students by giving them ownership of how they learn, making education relevant to their digital lives and preparing them for their futures. It also allows our teachers to provide real-time feedback through digital formative and summative assessments and data.