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Why we have Personal Learning Technologies at Overnewton

Why do we have 1:1 Personal Learning Technologies at Overnewton?

At Overnewton, our priority is to provide our students with the best possible learning opportunities.

The ongoing advances in ICT continue to change the way people share, use, develop and process information. In schools, these changes have not only led to new ways in which students construct knowledge, collaborate, investigate, and present ideas but have altered the learning process itself. To successfully participate as 21st century citizens, competence in the use of ICT with the flexibility to adapt to ongoing changes to technology is essential (MCEETYA 2008).

Improvement in the technology systems used at Overnewton Anglican Community College by teachers and students will allow teachers to greatly enhance their teaching and their students’ learning in all areas, specifically in the development of: 

  • Improved student learning outcomes

  • 21st Century Skills and General Capabilities

  • Differentiation

  • Teacher Pedagogy

iPads are the 1:1 Personal Learning Technology tools for our Years 3 to 8 students. With the ability to personalise their devices by accessing relevant apps, students are able to own their learning experience.


 Above: An exploration of the rate of technological change and its subsequent impact on education.

Created by Ray Nashar