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FAQ Melbourne City College of Football Announcement

Last Updated: 9.00am Wednesday 24th November 2021

Why has Overnewton’s football partnership with Melbourne City come to an end?

Melbourne City’s decision to move their headquarters and training base to the City of Casey has major implications for coach retention, tournament participation and attracting talented and aspirational players to our College. As such, we felt it is in our best interest to explore other partnerships for the betterment of our students.

What will happen to the Melbourne City College of Football uniform?

The Melbourne City crest can no longer appear on Overnewton College apparel where the College Crest and City emblem appear on the same garment. Overnewton College will be rebranding our entire PUMA kit, overlaying our new College icon over the crest. 

College Icon

Students in the 2021 Program will be required to bring their PUMA playing shirt and mid-layer jacket into the Sports Office in January to have these symbols overlayed. Dates to be confirmed.

Are other affiliate partner schools, including John Fawkner College and Trinity Grammar School still aligned with Melbourne City?

It is our understanding that Melbourne City Football Club has made a recent decision to suspend the entire Affiliate Schools Program until further notice.

When will the details of Overnewton’s future direction in football be announced?

The announcement will be delivered in the final week of term. An exact date and time will be shared with our community very soon.