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Overnewton Beanie


Who can wear the Overnewton Beanie?

The Overnewton Beanie has designed predominantly for student wear, but we are also encouraging our parents, Old Collegians and our wider College community to wear one with pride.

How much does an Overnewton Beanie cost?

An Overnewton beanie has an affordable price tag of $18 and we are thrilled to be able to donate $4 from every beanie sold to worthy causes, which will be determined by our Student Representative Council.

How can I purchase one?

Just simply click here and you will be directed to our try booking site to make your purchase

Please note that beanies can only be purchased this way and are not available at Noone Imagewear or the College Uniform Shop

What are the features of the Overnewton Beanie?

The beanie is made of 100% acrylic material and has been woven by machine. There is a large name label sewn into the inside seam. The beanie is suitable for hand-wash only.

The strong branding of ‘Overnewton’ on the front and back means the wearer can be easily recognised as a member of our Community.

Is the Overnewton Beanie a compulsory uniform item? How regularly can it be worn when we are at school?

The beanie is a new, optional College uniform item that can be worn with both the College academic and sports uniforms during Terms 2 & 3.

The parameters of wear include travelling to and from school, during recess and lunch breaks and on an excursion. Beanies are not permitted to be worn in class, to Chapel or Assembly or on the sports field.

Will the Overnewton Beanie fit me?

The beanie is ‘one size’, but firm and moulds to your head, so it can fit anyone from a 5 year old to an adult.

Will the beanie sell out?

The first order of beanies sold out! As we have a great product and a generous community we believe the second run will sell out too! If you would like to purchase, we recommend you do so promptly.

When will I receive my beanie?

You will receive your beanie within one week of purchase via the trybooking link.

How will I receive my beanie?

Beanies will be delivered directly to your youngest child's classroom.

If I have further questions about the Overnewton Beanie, who do I direct these to?

Questions can be directed to