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Principal's Message

There are few joys that can match walking alongside a child as they grow from being a toddler, through childhood and into a young adult. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents and family friends share in the excitement of watching first steps, hearing first words, pasting first paintings on walls, watching the first team sport, musical performance, dance concert, or reading their first book. This excitement is matched by the pride that comes from various points of transition through the life of that child as a student and into the world beyond school.

At Overnewton College, all members of staff share in this joy too, because we work and walk alongside families in this journey with their children.

Families provide the most important relationship in a student’s life. The family provides the moral, spiritual and relational framework upon which a young child grows. The College and wider community work together to support the family and therefore the growth of our students.

The vast majority of children enter Overnewton at Preparatory level and continue their thirteen years of schooling in the one College. The points of connection that this creates for a student are immense. The points of connection that this creates for families, teachers and education support staff are quite unique and a very special characteristic of an Overnewton education.

Overnewton Anglican Community College is known for the commitment it makes to and expects of its families. The College’s parents and staff work together to ensure that students have the opportunity to enjoy a rich diversity of curricular and co-curricular experiences that will help them to develop as questioning, articulate, literate, global thinkers with integrity and depth of character.

The three-way partnership between parents, staff and children makes the College a vibrant and happy place. It is a community where everyone is valued and respected, all with something to offer to the College.

At Overnewton we believe that our community provides the supportive village that is essential for families to remain strong and for young people to develop to their potential in the most supportive and caring environment of all.

The future is an unknown and exciting place; it will provide some wonderful, awesome and unknown challenges and opportunities for each of us, but most of all for our children. When the school and the home work as closely in sync as they do at Overnewton, our students are given the best foundation and framework to jump into that future.

I welcome all explorers to the pages on our website and encourage you to visit our campuses as well, so that you will understand what it means to have families and the College working so closely together in providing a truly remarkable educational experience for our students.

James Laussen

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