Prep them well for VCE

VCE Results

Congratulations to the Class of 2019

Our congratulations go to our wonderful Year 12 students who have displayed outstanding levels of diligence and commitment to their studies throughout the year. 

146 students successfully completed their VCE in 2019. We continue to see a trend of increasing average ATAR scores, year on year. There has been an increase in the average ATAR across the entire cohort, demonstrating the hard work and diligence of our Year 12 students, and the excellence and dedication of the teaching staff.

Dux of the College for 2019 is Madison Patamisi who is also Dux of Business Management, Health & Human Development and Further Mathematics. Our congratulations go to Madison who, with this fantastic result, easily received a place at RMIT studying Accountancy.

Madison’s outstanding result is a great example of an Overnewton education, having joined the College in Prep. In fact, there were 84 students who completed their VCE in 2019 who have been at the College for their entire 13 years of schooling. Teachers at Overnewton get great satisfaction and joy watching a child grow from Prep to Year 12, achieving their goals and graduating as empowered, thoughtful, community-minded citizens.

We are delighted that 85% of our students received either their first or second choice of tertiary course; 90 students received their first preference.

As an open entry school, Overnewton continues to offer pathways for all students to finish Year 12 and, whilst the ATAR score is one measure of a successful education, active participation in a range of co-curricular, leadership and service opportunities ensure the well-rounded development of the whole child.

Many parents agree that it is not just the ATAR score that is important to them for their child; as important are the friendships that they have made and fostered, and the College values that they can take with them from their time at Overnewton. We proudly celebrate the success of all our students who have given their best effort during their time at the College.


*ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) scores are used for tertiary entrance and provide a percentile ranking for all students statewide.