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Family Involvement Program


The Family Involvement Program is an important commitment that parents make when enroling their child at the College.  It is a unique concept and is part of what makes Overnewton such a unified community of students, staff and parents.  We believe that it is important that our parents are truly part of their children’s education.

It is expected that all families contribute 12 hours of service to the College per term. This commitment is reduced to 8 hours per term after 10 years at the College ie: in a family's 11th year and beyond at the College.  This time commitment can be contributed by assisting in any of the following  workgroups:

  • Buildings and Grounds e.g. Assisting at working bees held 2-3 times per term 
  • Canteen Group Assisting in the school canteen 
  • Catering Group.Preparation of food for school functions and / or assisting with set-up, serving of food and clean up at school functions 
  • Classroom Assistance Group Assisting classroom teachers in and outside the classroom
  • Classroom Maintenance Group Cleaning and maintenance of classrooms
  • College Uniform Shop  Assisting with sales of school uniform
  • Country Fair Group The Parents and Friends Association major annual fundraising event
  • First Aid Group Assisting the College nurses in the First Aid stations
  • Fundraising Drives Group Various fundraising activities such as the chocolate drive
  • Handyman Group 
  • Junior Sport Development Program Run or assist with developmental sporting programs for Junior School students
  • Mothers and Fathers Day Stall Group Making gifts for and organising a stall for these important events
  • Mowing Group Mowing of school grounds
  • Office Assistance Group Provide assistance at the various offices at the College
  • Parent Support Teams
  • Performing Arts Work Group Sewing of costumes for College musicals
  • Sausage Sizzle / Taylors Lakes Gym Every Saturday during the basketball season 
  • Sports and Performing Arts Building (SPA) Cleaning Group Cleans sports hall at Keilor Campus
  • Watering Group Watering of school grounds and gardens
  • Welfare Group Providing lunch to parents who work at the working bees
  • Window Cleaning Group Cleans windows outside of school hours

It is the responsibility of all families at the College to complete their hours each term. This can be done by contacting the various workgroup coordinators and assisting any of the above listed groups.  A list of these coordinators is available on the Parent Portal.  Requests for assistance are also published in the weekly College newsletter (Whispers).

The Family Involvement Program is a serious commitment and is as much a part of enrolment as paying the school fees. Please consider this commitment carefully before enroling your child at Overnewton Anglican Community College.