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The Overnewton Parents and Friends Association

A unique aspects of Overnewton Anglican Community College is the role played by the parent community in the daily and overall life of the College. The Articles of Association were originally drawn up with the aim of providing the whole parental community with a voice and a means with which they could support the growth and maintenance of the College, as well as have a real voice in the College’s aims and objectives.

Therefore the Parents and Friends Association responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • To support the aims and objectives of the College as defined by the Board.
  • To assist, support and develop the College and its activities.
  • To raise funds through special efforts to provide and improve amenities, provide bursaries and extracurricular activities as considered desirable by the Association in conjunction with the College administration.
  • Under direction of the Principal, to coordinate the activities of all Parent Work Groups, Parent Support Teams and auxiliaries.
  • To represent the parents and friends of the College.
  • To make representations to the Board through the Chairperson of the Association.

Parents and Friends Association Committee

The Parents and Friends Committee holds elections at the Annual General Meeting in November each year. Elected members hold their position for two years. All College parents are considered a member of the Parents and Friends Association, and are therefore, eligible to be nominated for a position on the Committee.

Visit the Parents and Friends Association Committee page to meet the elected members.