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Parents and Friends Association Committee

2020 Committee

Committee Chair - Karen Redpath                                                                                       

Deputy Chair - Steve De Aurago

Treasurer - David Hili 

Secretary - Tania Sutton

2020 Members and Portfolios

Nicholas Alexiou - Fundraising Sausage Sizzle, Auskick

Steve De Aurago - Annual Fair

Christine Druce - Watering Group, Mowing Group (TLC), Handyman, Window/SPA Cleaning, Cleaning Multi-Purpose Hall (TLC) 

David Hili - Student Banking

Sawson Howard - Performing Arts, Office Support, College Shop, Second Hand Books

Tracey Mackenzie-George -  Mothers/Fathers Day Stalls, Parent Support Teams (PST), Classroom Reps, Walking School Bus (TLC)

Maria Manson - Canteen, First Aid, Catering Group, Junior Sports Development, Classroom Assistance 

David Mckie - Buildings and Grounds Keilor and Taylors Lakes Campus, Working Bee Lunch Group, Working Bee Cleaning Group (TLC)

Tanya Sutton - Colour Run, Fundraising Drives 

Renata Varrato-Gorlin - Annual Fair 

(Last updated Feb 2020)