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Student Career Development

Focusing on Skills

Against a landscape of increasing career complexity, globalisation and technological advances, today’s students need to develop the skills to navigate their way through a multi-career future.
Hence, the development of career literacy skills and access to career support services is an essential aspect of each individual’s education, with a particular emphasis on the senior years of secondary school.

Overnewton provides students with quality career development services provided by experienced career development practitioners.  These services are designed to connect students to the resources, information, counselling and opportunities available to develop the confidence, skills and ability to make informed career choices, develop effective career plans and provide a focus for their future.
Our individualised support is aimed at ensuring students reach their full potential and make decisions that lead to fulfilling and rewarding careers.

Three career development practitioners staff the Careers Centre at Overnewton: David Rosel, Ann Phillips and Kate Runciman (Student Career Development Leader), together with Liane Delaney (Careers Centre Administration). 

Students are encouraged to visit, drop into the Careers Centre to access printed and digital resources, or to email staff for an appointment.  Staff can be contacted personally or via the Student Career Development Leader