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Sports Uniform

Sports Uniform policies

Some teams who compete with our District and ACS Sport programs wear specialised uniforms. The College purchases these uniforms in sets to ensure all team members are appropriately attired and unified in appearance. These uniforms are not to be worn outside of District and ACS competitions and cannot be substituted for College uniform items.

The following teams are required to wear specialised uniforms:

*       Football (jumpers, shorts)
*       Soccer (tops, shorts)
*       Basketball (tops, shorts)
*       Netball (dresses)

Team uniform items are loaned at the beginning of each season with the loan items documented by College coaches. There is a clear expectation that these items are to be returned at the season's conclusion to ensure they can be audited and reissued to new teams.

Replacing uniform items which have not been returned is costly and impractical. Students who fail to return their uniforms in a timely manner will be billed for a percentage cost of a new uniform set.

Families are required to supply the following personal items if students achieve selection in the following teams:
*      Hockey – mouth guard, college long socks and shin guards
* .    Football – mouth guard, college long socks
* .    Soccer – college long socks, shin guards