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iPad Program: iPad Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child's device runs out of storage?

Storage will always be limited and managing this is a life skill we want students to learn.

Should we opt for Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and cellular when purchasing an iPad?

We recommend the Wi-Fi only model as all Internet traffic will then go through the College’s filtered network.

Can my child use their current iPad?

Yes, as long as your current iPad meets the minimum specifications and is used first and foremost as your child's personal learning device.

How do I identify which iPad I currently have?

To identify your iPad model, you will need the model number which can be found in Settings > General > About > Model. You can then google that number to identify the iPad or use this link to look it up.

What operating system is required?

The operating system must be iOS12 as a minimum, later versions are also accepted.

How do I check if my iPad is running iOS 12?

To check your iOS, tap Settings > General > About > Version.

How do I purchase and download apps?

Apps are purchased through the app store on the iPad. You will need an Apple ID (sometimes called an iTunes Account) to purchase apps.

How do I create an Apple ID to purchase apps?

Before you create a new Apple ID, find out if you already have one.

If you don't have an Apple ID, you need to create one before you can start using the App Store and iBook Store. Learn more about setting up an Apple ID.

Do we need to give the Apple ID and password to our child?

Ordinarily, students will not be required to download apps at school. Any apps required in addition to the ones prescribed on the student resources list will be communicated to parents well in advance of them being needed for a classroom learning activity so that it can be downloaded at home within the family Apple ID arrangements. We also recommend that you look at Family Sharing to manage apps across all family iPads and iOS devices. Learn more about family sharing.

How do I know which Apps must be installed?

To assist in providing a smooth start for your child, please ensure all of the apps and iBooks are installed prior to the end of January. 

Are students allowed to have their own digital content (ie apps, music etc), space permitting?

Yes, students can have their own digital content (ie apps, music etc), space permitting, and if it’s age appropriate, in line with college values and the law and isn’t interfering with their learning. The iPad used at school is primarily for learning and should always have the required college apps installed.

How important is it to have a protective case for the iPad?

It is very important and expected. Even the most diligent student can make mistakes. There are many cases available and the best cases cover both the back and front of the iPad. We recommend that you look at and compare cases to arrive at your decision.

How do I back up our iPad?

You can use iTunes on a computer or iCloud (a paid service) to back up and restore content on your iPad.

How often will my child be using the iPad?

Your child’s teachers will use the learning tools and resources that best suit their learning goals.

Who is responsible for any damage to the iPad?

The iPad is a personal learning tool in the same way as books, pens and other equipment. You and your child are responsible for caring for, charging and backing up the iPad.

Where will the iPad be stored at night?

As the iPad is a personal learning device, it will need to go home with your child.

Does the College recommend any particular tracking software?

Apple’s Find My iPhone facility is an effective way to track the location of an iPhone or iPad.

What are the main considerations with respect to insurance and warranties?

Be considerate of insurance and check with your existing home and contents cover provider as some insurers will include iPads and others may not. We recommend that you look at and compare your options to arrive at your decision for insurance and warranties.

What impact does the iPad have on the costs associated with the Resource Lists (Book Lists)?

Whilst the iPad is a significant initial investment, over time the savings in terms of additional physical resources are very favourable.

Can the College look into an insurance policy that will cover the damage caused by other children?

As the iPads are personally owned by the students and their families, the College cannot provide any insurance cover for loss or damage just as it does not with student's books, school bags or school uniforms, or any other personal items.  However, upon having done some research with several private insurers, it is recommended that parents inquire with their personal home and contents insurers as several policies may cover loss, theft, and damage of personal mobile devices.

Alternatively, Apple has AppleCare+ for iPads which covers accidental damage of iPads.

 Learn more about Apple Care+.

What if my question isn't here?

If you have a question that is not answered here, please email our Digital Directions Group. The Digital Directions Group is an Overnewton ongoing working party overseen by the Head of Digital Campus.