Prep them well for VCE

Overview of Curriculum

Junior School - Prep to Year 4

Junior School Curriculum

Our developmental approach to children's education at Overnewton is reflected strongly in our curriculum. All elements of the curriculum are regarded as core learning experiences in the Junior School and students undertake all of the programs with their classmates. Most of the children's learning takes place under the expert guidance of their Home Group Teacher with a strong focus on the foundational aspects of Literacy and Numeracy alongside an inquiry-based approach to broader areas of the curriculum. Our early learners also begin their experience of programs in specialist areas ranging from Art to Religious Studies.

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Middle School ~ Year 5 to Year 8

Middle School Curriculum

As students progress into the Middle School they continue to build on their learning experiences in the core areas of the curriculum. We maintain our focus on Literacy and Numeracy. Students continue to experience a strong sense of belonging as a significant proportion of their academically rigorous program is taught by their Home Group Teacher. At the same time, our early adolescents begin to develop a greater sense of themselves as individuals and as learners. Engaging projects and problem-solving challenges across all areas of the curriculum enable students to make stronger connections with the world around them. The choices available within our language program give students more opportunities to learn alongside peers who are based in other classes. A wider range of programs in areas including Technology and the Arts exposes students increasingly to hands-on learning and the challenges of teamwork.

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Year 9 program

Year 9 Canowindra Curriculum

Students from Middle School transition to our Year 9 Centre, at our Canowindra campus, where learning in the core areas of the curriculum remains a common experience for all.

An increasing variety of elective programs makes it possible for students to explore more deeply areas which have sparked their interest and curiosity, and to learn in new areas which they might otherwise not experience. Our program is structured to facilitate learning in challenging and diverse contexts such as the city and the outdoor environment. Some learning challenges require in-depth focus for a whole week, and others require sustained commitment over the whole year. Effective teamwork and problem-solving with peers are fostered across all areas of the curriculum. The balance of core and elective offerings further strengthens the sense of identity which students take with them into their senior years.

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Senior School - Year 10 and VCE

Senior School Curriculum

The Senior School offers students the opportunity to pursue their individual learning within a diverse variety of academic pathways. As increasingly independent young adults, they are supported pastorally by their teachers, mentors and Heads of House as they strive to achieve their academic goals. Electives at Year 10 build clearly on students’ earlier learning in the core areas of the curriculum and ensure that they are all strongly placed to commence their VCE studies. In their final year at school, some students undertake University level enhancement studies whilst others complete nationally recognised qualifications in the vocational area. Our developmental approach culminates in students taking greater responsibility for their own learning and developing pathways that take them well beyond the compulsory years of their schooling.

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Languages Program

Any student who commenced at any year level prior to 2014:  
Indonesian at Years 3 and 4; option of switching to German for Years 5 through to 9; at Year 10 (optional) Indonesian / German ie. one or two languages through to Year 12, or no language.

All Preparatory students commencing in or after 2014:  
Mandarin (CLIL Program) introduced for Preparatory students, and continued through to Year 8 in 2018 for the first cohort.

Students will experience both Indonesian and German in Year 5 and then choose Indonesian / German as an additional language, or Cultural Studies, from Year 6 to the end of Year 8.

At Year 9: (optional) Mandarin and/or Indonesian / German, ie. one or two languages through to Year 12, or no language.