Prep them well for VCE

College Values

Mission Statement

Overnewton Anglican Community College strives to be an inclusive learning community with a strong Christian foundation.
We value a respectful environment where students, staff and families, working together aspire to excellence.
Broad educational opportunities prepare students to serve as empowered, thoughtful, community-minded citizens.

Our Vision

A community of learners embracing the future.

Our Values

Our Christian Foundation binds and informs our values.  All members of the community are encouraged to grow spiritually and explore their faith.

We are proud to belong to the Overnewton community, doing our best to contribute positively, within and beyond it.  The Overnewton community includes students, staff and families, both past and present.  The educational and ethical standards that are promoted have a profound effect on the wider community.

We respect ourselves, our environment and the people who are part of our past and our present.  We acknowledge the right of everyone to equality of opportunity and forgiveness for mistakes.

We are lifelong learners, helping each other in our journey towards greater knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

We strive to excel in our learning, our work, our relationships and our play; making the most of every opportunity we are given.