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Admissions Policy, Conditions of Enrolment and Business & Other Regulations

Admissions Policy

The College Board has set down the following information for parents/guardians of prospective students concerning its general policy with respect to the admission of students:

  1.  The Principal shall determine the number of places to be available at any level for any year. 
  2.  In accepting an offer of a place for a child the parents/guardians complete a contractual agreement with the Board and thereby become subject to the Business Regulations (see below) of the Board 
  3.  In the event of the number of applications at any one level exceeding the number of places available, an order of priority shall be determined having regard to: 
  • (A) The capacity of the College's program to make a contribution to the child's growth and development.
  • (B) A family's previous involvement within the College. 
  • (C) The date an application is received.
  • (D) Any special circumstances. 

Conditions of Enrolment

  1.  An 'Application Form' must be completed for each student applying for enrolment. The form must be accompanied by the application fee which is non-refundable. (Refer to the current Fee Schedule)
  2.  Each prospective student's name will be placed on the College's waiting list on lodgement of the application for entry. Such placement of name does not constitute enrolment. 
  3. In the case of a student transferring from another school, the applicant's most recent academic reports are required prior to enrolment at Overnewton Anglican Community College (OACC). 
  4. The College Principal reserves the right to decline the enrolment of any prospective student without disclosing any reason for doing so. 
  5. All applicants are required to attend an interview at the College prior to commencement. This is to ensure that, as far as possible, those who are accepted are likely to benefit from the courses provided.
  6. When enrolled at the College, students and parents/guardians are bound by the rules and regulations authorised and initiated by the Principal for the good running and conduct of the College. 
  7.  Parents will co-operate with the college authorities in all matters of discipline and obedience of school rules. The College reserves the right to discipline, suspend or expel any student. 
  8. All students will participate in compulsory study of the Christian faith including attendance at scheduled Chapel Services and Anglican celebrations and participation in the Divinity program. 
  9.  Parents agree to complete the required hourly contribution to the Family Involvement Program
  10. Once an Application for Enrolment form has been lodged with OACC, families will receive communication from the College annually to update and maintain their details. However, families will only be contacted with regard to their child's/children's enrolment if and when a position can be offered. 
  11. Permission is given to OACC to contact any of the following people in order to establish their child's readiness for school: kindergarten/preschool director, previous school or child care facilitator. 

Business & Other Regulations

  1. Fees can be paid by term in accordance with billing procedures, on a monthly basis (by application) or annually. 
  2. Fees for students in Year Prep to Year 11 will be charged in four (4) equal instalments at the beginning of each term. 
  3. Fees for students in Year 12 will be charged in three (3) equal instalments at the beginning of terms one, two and three. 
  4. A 4% discount will be applied to fees paid in full before the commencement of the academic year. Check the actual date on our Fee Schedule webpage found on our website under Enrolment > College Fees. 
  5. A sibling discount of 10% applies to the tuition fees of the third child enrolled at the College. A sibling discount of 50% applies to the fourth child enrolled at the College, and a 100% sibling discount applies to the fifth and subsequent children enrolled at the College. 
  6. The due date for payment will be specified on the front of each account. In accordance with the state Consumer Credit Code, if the fee is not paid by its stated date an additional Administration of Account fee may be charged. 
  7. Default in the payment of fees and charges renders the person responsible for the fees to legal action for the recovery of unpaid fees or other charges, with legal costs added to the debt. 
  8. One full term's notice in writing to the Registrar is required of the intended removal of a pupil from the College. Failure to provide adequate notice will result in one term's fee being charged in addition to the charge for the term in which the pupil was removed. 
  9. A pupil may not be permitted to commence a new term while any part of the fees or charges remains unpaid. 
  10. No deduction can be made on account of absences, as the expenses incurred in maintaining the efficiency of the College are not lessened by the temporary absence of individual students. 
  11. Any query concerning the account should be made via email to the Accounts Department
  12. If parents or guardians have financial difficulty meeting the account by the due date, they should contact the College Business Manager.
  13. An entrance fee is payable upon enrolment at OACC within 14 days of an offer being made. This entrance fee is non-refundable. 
  14. Charges in addition to the published fees may be incurred if students require additional integration aides or special services not completely covered by Government funding. 
  15. Parents/guardians agree to complete the required hourly contribution to the Family Involvement Program