Prep them well for VCE

Middle School Humanities

Year 5

Students conduct research on aspects of 19th century colonial Australia. They focus on the key concepts of sources, continuity and change, cause and effect, perspectives, empathy and significance. They describe the different experiences of people in the past and the significance of people and events in bringing about change. Students develop their knowledge of mapping conventions and apply this to the creation and analysis of maps.

Year 6

Students explore the concept of sustainability. They investigate the amount of electricity they use and how they could reduce their usage to benefit the environment. Additionally, students research the development of Australia as a nation in the 20th century, with a particular focus on the foundations of Australian democracy (Federation) and Australian identity (migration and multiculturalism). A study on Earth and Space involves the exploration of the cause and effect of natural disasters, as well as the human response to these events.

Year 7

Students develop their understanding of personal financial literacy and analyse economic and consumer choices, reflecting upon how these choices impact upon them. Additionally, they develop their understanding of the importance of history. Students use historical terms and investigate primary and secondary sources of evidence. They pose and answer questions when involved in archaeological or historical inquiries and consolidate their understanding of the legacies of ancient civilisations, as well as exploring the origins of democracy. They produce timelines within a chronological framework and use evidence, the concepts of continuity and change, and historical conventions such as documenting sources and writing a bibliography in their inquiries. Students also develop their skills in the analysis, evaluation and presentation of geographical information, such as the interconnections between people, places and environments and change over time. They apply their geospatial skills when reading and creating maps.

Year 8

Students explore the key features of democracy including the Australian Government, the judicial system and law making processes using historical and contemporary examples. Through their study of government and democracy, students explore how decisions made nationally can affect the global community. During the study of history students develop their understanding of medieval Japanincluding social and political structures, land use, trade and foreign contact, developed over a period of time. They explore the time period of the Renaissance, engaging in inquiry based activities and discussions designed to develop their historical interpretations and broaden their understandings of the key individuals and legacies of the era. Students analyse geographical data and present their findings using mapping conventions. As part of the Consumerism unit, students develop their understanding of a variety of economic terms and how these can be applied to the Australian and global economies.