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Benefits and Community

Key Benefits

You’ve invested in your child’s education and this consolidation will bring greater returns.

All students will study and learn in state-of-the-art facilities designed specifically for their needs.

All staff will work and interact on a daily basis within the precincts of their School.

All students will have access to identical resources.

Junior School students will thrive in their own dedicated learning environment.

Middle School students will gain access to greater shared facilities and will interact in sports, performing arts and other joint initiatives that involve Senior School students. The transition into Senior School will be easier, with the students having developed a familiarity with the campus.

Class sizes will remain the same.

Schools will have the space to expand as and when future needs dictate.

Pick-up and drop-off congestion will be reduced by better traffic flow design at each campus.

Running costs will be reduced, as the College will no longer have to duplicate facilities and resources across two campuses, helping to keep fees to a minimum.

Your child will be attending one of the premier educational facilities in the area.


More information can be found on these Master Plan pages and they will be updated periodically with new information. Our 2030 Strategic Plan: Taking the Alpha Generation to Excellence is also worth reading if you haven't read it yet.

We will naturally keep the lines of communication open and update you with any important details as they become available.

We hope parents, teachers and students will be proud and excited that we’ve taken these bold, positive steps to lead the Alpha Generation to Excellence.