Prep them well for VCE

Specialised educators

Overnewton has always recognised the importance of employing the most dedicated educators, with an innate passion for teaching.

Indeed, our development strategies and enhanced learning programs are largely due to the input of our staff and their desire to improve their students’ learning experience and academic success.

Just like the students, our teaching staff will thrive in these new places of learning we are creating.

They will enjoy more interaction and engagement with like-minded professionals. With the entire faculty being located at a single campus, they will be able to discuss and share information on curriculum, teaching programs and students easily.

Teachers will embrace the greater access and exposure to all students within their chosen School, not just those in their immediate care, and students will have improved access to their teachers.

Our educators will have the space and time for expert professional dialogue, working collaboratively with other staff and students on the best curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.

Our new learning environment will make Overnewton an even more attractive workplace for specialised educators and quality teaching staff.