Prep them well for VCE

Exceptional experiences

It’s Overnewton’s aim to continue to stand out for our academic excellence, providing rounded learning experiences, and producing global thinkers.

Our new facilities and relocations will lay the foundations for delivering our vision and goals today and well into the future. The Master Plan continues the amazing improvements that began with the construction of the Senior School, SPA Centre and Gymnasium.

We will also have the space and opportunities to create exciting new learning experiences and programs.

For example, we’re introducing the highest quality food technology education for the Middle and Senior Schools, to develop important life skills and to experience a deeper understanding of food-related challenges. Our current ‘Water Project’ studies will be improved with the introduction of specialised equipment and technology.

With the improved usage of available land areas, we will introduce the planned new garden-farms at both campuses, to complement our new food technology programs.  At the same time essential space will be freed up for future needs as they arise.

Our 2030 Strategic Plan, released in 2017, recognised the importance of STEM education, and our science laboratories will be improved and customised on both campuses as part of the new construction.